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Do you have questions or remarks? Then you can let us know via the contact form.

We strive to answer your questions as soon as possible, which is usually within a couple of hours.

Do you have questions about ordering, how to pay or the delivery? Then you will find under “Order & Delivery” the information you are looking for. You can also contact us via the contact form. Please select “Order & Delivery” as the subject of your question.

Do you want to know how to exchange or return something?

Under “Exchange & Return’, you will find more details. You can also ask us via the contact form. Please select “Exchange & Return” as the subject of your question. Thank you for also mentioning your order number.

Do you have any other questions about Raisin’Star?

Most likely, you will find the answer under “FAQ”. But you can of course also ask us via the contact form. Please select “Other Questions” as the subject of your question.

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In case you don’t receive an answer from us within a reasonable timeframe (at the email address provided by you), do check your “spam/junk” folder (it’s advisable that you do this from a computer/laptop instead of a mobile device). We aim to respond as soon as possible, but experience learns us that our emails may -unfortunately- end up in the “spam/junk”. If it is not in your “spam/junk folder, please check with us via hello@raisinstar.be to make sure we have well received your e-mail.

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